Central Florida's Most Beautiful Rustic Wedding Barn Venue

Grand Ol Barn Central Florida Wedding Barn Venue

Introducing to Central Florida and the Orlando bridal community the newest and most beautiful rustic farmhouse style wedding barn venue! The Grand Ol' Barn is quickly becoming one of the most sought after wedding venues due in part to its gorgeous white interior and historical rustic charm.

The fact that this New Smyrna Beach Barn is fully air conditioned and includes a vast array of wedding and bridal decor is just the icing on the top.  

There are many important things to consider when choosing your barn venue and when searching for a venue in Orlando, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, Central Florida, Gainesville, Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach make sure that your wedding venue checks all the boxes. 


We promise not to set you and your guests out under a covered outdoor porch or pole barn where the humidity and bugs can bite and sweeping rain can still dampen guests in the case of rain and bad weather, we also promise not to stick you under a tent outdoors.

We have a gorgeous solution that you may want to use even if you don't have bad weather on your wedding day.  The Grand Ol' Barn has a gorgeous indoor white chapel hall for you and your guests that is just steps from the large ballroom and is separated by 3 sets of gorgeous whiskey colored custom barn doors.  


Grand Ol Barn

The bridal suite doors open directly into the ceremony suite making your grand entrance down that aisle that much more emotional and moving. 

Grand Ol Barn


Air conditioning in the heat of Florida is imperative and the stately Grand Ol' Barn has climate control in spades, 15,000 tons of air conditioning to be exact! Don't make your guests suffer in the sweltering hot Florida sun and humidity.  Treat your treasured family and friends to climate control.  

We actually went so far as to go out of our way to pump twice the amount of air conditioning into both the bridal and the groomsmen suites so that when your bridal party is getting ready and the hot hair dryers are blowing and everyone is getting dressed you stay cool as a cucumber (no one wants their makeup to melt off after hours were spent doing it)


Grand Ol Barn


Renting your AC is a lousy option when it comes to cooling your wedding.  The generators needed to power the AC machines are extremely loud, very distracting and can take away from your ceremony.  

Renting your AC is also very costly and does not work very well, you may spend a large portion of your budget on your AC but still not even feel cool. 

Stay safe, protect your budget and choose a barn venue that is completely cooled. 


There is nothing worse than having an outdoor ceremony and having to worry about ant piles or worse, animal piles ( if you know what we mean) 

We take great pride in our outdoor ceremony garden and on your wedding day we  take the extra steps needed to create a safe and beautiful garden environment for you and your guests. Just look at the photos that come out of the garden area.  

Grand Ol Barn

Grand Ol Barn

Thousands of twinkle lights drape the trees in order to make your entire wedding day that much more magical and whimsical. 

Strongest Wedding Planning Team

Do you feel intimidated by the amount of work and design time that goes into a wedding?  Do you worry that you are missing some detail or that you don't even know where to start? It is true that planning your wedding can become overwhelming BUT we have created a perfect team that has been in the wedding industry for years and years.  They know weddings top to bottom and are here to help you design and plan the most beautiful wedding while implementing all the special details that you may not have even thought of.   

 Grand Ol Barn

If having a stellar team wasn't enough it is also extremely affordable.  


Having a lot of property for your wedding might seem like a nice idea, but you are paying for something that 90% of the time the guests will not even venture onto and none of the property is actually utilized.  


Grand Ol Barn

Instead, we spent a great deal of time making sure the inside of our barn venue (which is where guests spend the overwhelming bulk of their time dancing and eating) was perfect and optimized for an incredible experience.

We are also right in the heart of New Smyrna Beach just steps from hotels and B&B's which makes it easy for guests to get back to their accommodations, order an Uber or to easily hop back on the highway after the festivities of the night are over. 

 Grand Ol Barn

The Grand Ol' Barn is truly an experience and most people who come on tours actually gasp when they walk through the front crystal doors at the beauty and grandeur of the ballroom and its 50 foot opening to the top of the barn and exposed beams. 

It is impossible to explain just how gorgeous it is, you have to see it to believe it! 

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