Why Host Your Event at Our Barn?

Your best friend recently tied the knot at a barn and last Christmas you were invited to celebrate it in a barn. If you haven’t lived under a rock for some time you’d definitely agree to the popularity of barns becoming the favored place to organize events. And it’s not just weddings and Christmas parties but everything from family reunions to corporate events are being hosted at barns. So why is this trend emerging so fast and why is everybody scouting for a barn event venue?

It’s natural for you to be surprised at people’s overwhelming desire to move their events from modern party venues to these old agricultural properties. Dig a little deeper and you will come across dozens of reasons why everyone seems to be looking at barn rental for events. Skyrocketing rental costs at traditional event venues and the lack of space are some of the reasons which have made people embrace this new trend and see the benefits of hosting their events at a barn.

Wedding at the barn

Host Your Event at Barn

To-be wed couples are increasingly opting for rustic weddings and barn event venues have become the first choice for most of them. Exchanging vows in a natural setting blessed by family and friends definitely makes the event more memorable. For those who are very particular about their wedding photographs an old barn definitely offers the best backdrop for a wedding album.

Christmas at the barn

You have celebrated dozens of Christmas's at home.  Celebrating one in a rural setting would definitely be worth the experience. Decorate the large Christmas tree and light up a bonfire as you celebrate the birth of the Lord in the same kind of setting as the Lord was born. Can you think of a more befitting way to celebrate this occasion?

Corporate events at the barn

Want to unplug your hardworking team from screens and the small cubicles? Your annual meet at the barn would definitely let your team relax and rejuvenate. There are plenty of fun activities to be tried out when you have so much open space at your disposal, something you can’t claim to have in and around your towering offices. The team would love it and it will definitely let them unwind from the daily cacophony at the busy business parks.

Christmas at the barn

At Grand Old Barn we are one of the most sought after venues for weddings, corporate events, and private parties. Nestled in the heart of New Smyrna Beach we are located close to several hotels and our more than a century old barn typifies a barn event venue complete with all the modern amenities you need to host your event yet retaining the rustic look that you expect to see in a century-old barn. We are a mere one hour drive from Orlando and almost half that time from Cocoa and Daytona, so you don’t have to worry about your guests traveling to attend your event.

If you are seeking a place to host your event with vast open spaces and natural beauty we offer it to you. The rural setting at the venue complete with all the modern amenities makes it the perfect place for your event. The 12,000 square foot barn can host events of any size. It’s centrally cooled and heated to ensure your guests feel comfortable when they aren’t in the mood to experience the hot Florida weather outside. From the gorgeous bridal suite to a sweet tea bar and the best of AV equipment, we have all that you need to host an event successfully.

No traffic, no complaints about noise from adjoining property owners. Turn up the volume and create memories for a lifetime with our barn rental for events.