Volusia County Rural Barns Shut Down Indefinitely

As of two weeks ago all rural wedding and event barns in Volusia County have been officially shut down.

It was heartbreaking last week receiving a phone call from a desperate bride asking if by some act of God we would be open by February because she had no venue anymore and needed to find somewhere else since all of her guests had made accommodations for a specific date and all other venues were already booked.

About a month ago the county made a requirement that all event venues have sprinkler systems in their venues for safety reasons and most of the barns do not have these systems in place or the Special Exceptions they need in order to operate. They were ordered to shut down and cancel all events until they come into compliance (which could take years)

We are opening up dates and extending special rates (some more than half of what our venue costs) in order to accommodate displaced couples.

Here is everything you need to know about the shut down of all illegal Volusia County rural event barns, how we can help and how you can avoid booking them.

Many of the barns were unaware of the rules and regulations that they had to follow in order to be able to host large events, but unfortunately it is the bride that has suffered. 

As you can imagine with all other local venues being booked out a year or more in advance it has been a bit of a nightmare.  

We are extending a special rate and are opening up dates for couples who have lost their venue

Our heart is broken for these brides and because of this we are extending a bit of relief to these couples by opening up wedding dates and offering a special rate  (in many cases up to half of what our barn sells for) for those who have been canceled by their previous barn and performance venue.  

For the last 18 months we have worked closely with both County and City planning boards to make sure we are completely compliant in all areas with all current and future zoning, land and building codes to ensure that we will never be shut down.  

It is a large investment on the front end but it gives us and YOU complete peace of mind that you will not be scrambling to salvage your wedding date or left without one.  

This includes putting in:

  • Water sprinklers
  • Air Conditioning and Heat
  • Becoming completely ADA compliant with handicap needs
  • Complete parking compliance
  • And more! We have gone above and beyond in our compliance requirements.  

When booking your venue, here are some ways to avoid booking a barn that is operating illegally. 

Ask for these items:

1) Ensure the Barn/Event Venue has their Full Special Exception approval.  Just operating as a rural event center is not compliant within Volusia County.  

2) Ensure they have a proper sprinkling system in place that has been inspected and approved by the County - this is what has shut down all the barns this week. 

3) Ensure they have adequate AC and heat in place (the comfort of your guests should come before all else, especially in Florida)

4) Ensure they are completely ADA compliant and passed inspection (including ramps, door sizes, bathrooms and more)

5) Ensure they are zoned properly and show you a Certificate of Occupancy (which means they have been inspected by the city for the safety of your guests)

Avoid The Temptation

It is tempting to book with a barn at a reduced price and gloss over the fact that they do not have these things in place but you run a very high risk of putting your guests in danger. What is even more probable is that that county shuts down the barn and you lose your venue all together and end up having to push back or cancel your wedding altogether.  

We are here to help and can answer any questions. 

Please reach out to Shauna at 386-295-0911 (texting is great) or


to receive information on special pricing for those who have lost their venue and we will do all we can to fit you in.