Top 6 Reasons to Have Your Florida Wedding Barn Ceremony Indoors

Hey Ya’ll!  It is Shauna with The Grand Ol' Barn in beautiful New Smyrna Beach Florida!

I wanted to write about a big problem that most brides don't realize is a problem until after the fact.  

Outdoor ceremonies.  Let's talk about them.

Being a Florida native, and having grown up in central Florida and also having had a wedding myself and been a part of literally hundreds of weddings I wanted to shed some light on what it’s really like to have your ceremony outdoors and then give you some really good reasons why an indoor ceremony is the most beautiful and most stress free way to get married! 


Problem: Swarming gnats and biting mosquitos (especially in Florida) are a big problem.  It is always beautiful to get a pretty field photo but people don't tell you that in between the pretty shots you will be swatting away flies, gnats and mosquitos.  And they not only swarm but they get caught in the delicate lace of your dress and in your hair!

Solution: Choose a florida barn or venue that provides multiple gorgeous indoor ceremony options that are pinterest worthy (even better than a field) and keep your comfort in mind.  


Problem: So many of the local barn venues are located on acres and acres of property and much of it is not paved.  Dirt gets stuck on nice clothing and the ladies heels sink into the soft mud.  I have seen many white dresses stained and muddy before the ceremony even begins.  Also the most important reason to have your ceremony indoors and handicapp accessible is because many grandparents have walkers and wheel chairs;  those items do not go through dirt very easily at all and get stuck.  Keep your guests clean and on solid ground <3 

Solution: Making sure walkways are paved and sidewalks are available for guests to get from cars to ceremony and reception locations.  Beautiful landscaping is a huge plus (which the Grand Ol' Barn has) but it is situatuated amongst safe paved walkways, parking and sidewalks. 

Beating sun and searing heat

Problem: You can imagine what it is like being outside in Florida.  Guests sometimes arrive 45 minutes or more ahead of time and wait outside in the ceremony seats - sweating.  Some people are heat sensitive so combine that sensitivity with wedding jitters and there is a real potential for fainting in the wedding party and that is just a horrible thing to experience.  

Solution: A well air conditioned, climate controlled building goes a long long way to elevate the guest and bridal party experience.  And we want to make sure that guests are comfortable from start to finish. 


Problem: Lets face it, sunny Florida is actually not so sunny all the time and we experience rain showers almost every day for 8 months out of the year! 

Imagine it being 5 days before your wedding and seeing rain is forecasted, your venue does not have an indoor ceremony option at all and all the tents in the city are already rented.  

It is stressful! 

Solution:  Cut out the added stress and plan for a ceremony that can be counted on because rain shouldn't be something you worry about. 


Problem: Windy weather causes dresses to fly and veils to rip off not to mention hair getting in guests eyes and overall being annoying while trying to take in a ceremony.  The last thing you want to be doing is having to give your attention to keeping your dress where it should instead of focusing on what you have been planning for and dreaming about; exchanging vows with your love.

You also will be limited on what kid of decor you will be able to use because anything tall or swagged will be off limits.  

 Solution:  Take in every moment with out worrying about wind.  Decororate the way you want to without fear of things falling over by having your cremony indoors.


Problem: It costs a good deal more in set up costs and additional rentals that are needed to set up for an outdoor ceremony.  You could be sinking $3,000 or more in additional chair and cremony back drop rentals to create a ceremony space from nothing.

Solution: Choose a wedding venue that has all the ceremony chairs, backdrops, decor, signs, aisle and more already included! 


Imagine all of the ways you could decoraote with lighting, and drapery and back drops.  

Imagine all the florals you can use, at any height and any backdrop! 

Imagine being comfortable (and not sweating) while walking down the aisle.

In conclusion, an indoor ceremony is an incredible opportunity to show your guests and bridal party a wonderful experience while creating beautiful memories and getting show stopper photographs.

Let me help you!  Give me a call to book a tour with The Grand Ol' Barn.  Central Florida hasn't seen a prettier venue!