Top 5 Unique Florida Barn Wedding Ideas

Our barn is designed for hosting, and with many celebrations already booked throughout 2020 we cannot wait to see how our couples’ ideas come to life. Our space is designed so you can embrace a complete range of styles. We’re already talking to couples who are planning to infuse their days with color, while others are opting to use one of our 12 modern backdrops for their ceremony. Plus, the Grand Ol Barn can be configured in any number of different ways for ceremonies and receptions, so the options are nearly endless. From ceremonies to cocktails, décor to dining, let’s jump into five unique ideas you may want to incorporate into your Florida barn wedding at our venue or beyond! 


Ceremony in the Round

We have 12 ceremony backdrops you and your love can choose from for your ceremony for us to adorn with flowers, you can opt to use one of our walls as a backdrop, or you can get married beneath one of our chandeliers with your guests surrounding you. The final option – under a chandelier – is known as a Ceremony in the Round. Your guests will surround you in a circle, and you and your partner will be in the center with your officiant while you recite your vows. It’s wonderful to watch and experience, and it’s a great way to truly feel enveloped by the love your guests have to offer. 

Cocktail Hour with Southern Nods:

When you’re celebrating in the south, we think you should offer a nod or two to the area! One of the best ways to make your guests feel southern is during your cocktail hour. We are known for our sweet tea, and we serve it at every wedding. So, we can make sure it’s on your cocktail hour menu! It’s the perfect drink to enjoy throughout the year. Plus, we highly recommend placing our whiskey barrels throughout your cocktail hour space to serve as high top tables. They add flair, and they’re completely functional. Of course, you can add whiskey to your bar menu too!


Make an Impact with Color

Neutral color palettes will never go out of style, but we’re so thrilled color is making a comeback into weddings! Let’s work together to infuse the Grand Ol Barn with plenty of color for your celebration. In our opinion, brighter is definitely better (think: pops of pink, red, orange, yellow, and purple), and flowers from our onsite design studio are one of the easiest ways to allow nature to help to dictate the colors that are onsite. Don’t be afraid to use colored linens or whimsical signage complete with color too. Our barn is neutral, so any palette will look wonderful!

Incorporate Boho and Modern Style

Just because you’re hosting a barn wedding does not mean you have to limit your wedding’s style to rustic. Instead, pull in modern and boho design elements! One of the top ways to do this is by choosing from one of our 12 backdrops for your ceremony and then reusing the backdrop during your reception behind your sweetheart or head table or as part of your photo booth. Each one of our backdrops is slightly different, and we think they look even more stunning when flowers and greenery are added. A design tip: using plenty of greenery and looser florals helps to create a more boho or modern look. 

Create a Familial Atmosphere

Weddings are a time to gather, and the gatherings that will take place in our space are what we are most excited to experience right along with you! So, embrace your guests! We can create any number of configurations within our barn’s reception spaces, and two that excite us are u-shaped tables and continual tables. The first is exactly what it sounds like – a u-shaped orientation that will allow your guests to see each other thanks to the curve of the design. The second – a continual table – is one long table created by pushing tables together. The idea is the one table can stretch the length of the barn or weave throughout the space. The key is it never breaks in order to create a literal feeling of connectivity. 

How will you embrace your wedding’s style at your barn wedding? Which of these five ideas would you love to incorporate? We cannot wait to read your comments below! Better yet, we would love to connect with you to talk about your ideas for your celebration at the Grand Ol Barn.