Engaged? We Have The Perfect Venue for Your Central Florida Wedding

People often ask us what sets us apart from every other barn venue.  A lot actually! 


Events at The Grand Ol' Barn  was created by a former wedding florist and wedding planner who uniquely understood the many shortcomings of other wedding venues for both the vendors and the couples.  

Shauna: " As a vendor I knew how difficult and stressful venues can be to get in and out of, wether it is lack of ramps, lack of prep space, lack of storage for the dozens of boxes at the end of setting up before the wedding or dozens of other things.  I also knew that stressed out vendors creates a stressed out atmosphere.   These vendors are the ones bringing the creative energy and you want to make sure they are happy, well taken care of and that everything is as easy as possible on event days.  It just makes the whole day so smooth!

As a former bride and believe-in-the-power of love kind of human, I really had a vision of what the perfect wedding venue would look like. It is my hope that it will make any special day an enjoyable one for every guest! I wanted to ensure this with all weddings at The Grand Ol' Barn; from providing inspiring décor as well as delicious food options so guests can be their happiest selves here.

The venue plays a big part in how incredible the wedding day is." 



We started with the lay out of the barn.  We knew that we wanted the option to host every single phase of the wedding both indoors and outdoors all under one roof in separate rooms with air conditioner.  We live in Florida, and central Florida especially is known for showers for at least 30 minutes if not more every day.  Most wedding barns here in Central Florida only have out door ceremony space that is either covered or uncovered and most cocktail hour has to happen on an outdoor covered porch.  

It is SO stressful if it decides to rain, or is unbearably hot or muggy.  Not to mention bugs and direct sunlight.  It is SO easy to quickly choose an indoor ceremony and cocktail hour as a back up plan if the weather isn't cooperating the day of your wedding. 

But we also wanted gorgeous outdoor gardens for festivities and photos as well! 


The other really important item that we spent a lot of time on was the bridal and groomsmen suite. The lighting, the chairs, the electrical outlets and the mirrors were all designed to create a perfect area for getting ready for your wedding day.  We have enough power to light up New Smyrna Beach in our bridal suite ☺️ and plenty of room for your hair curlers, phones, blow dryers and more! 

The guys have just as perfect of a groomsmen suite filled with rich woods, warm leathers and lots of photo opportunities and just an over all handsome place to get ready with the guys.  Not to mention we include an espresso bar and a mimosa bar for you in your suite and the guys get a whiskey toast!



Looking for that perfect barn wedding venue? 

The Grand Ol' Barn is the perfect place to have your dream event. With its rustic charm and vintage citrus packing history, this venue is unlike any other in the area. You'll love how we've made it our mission to preserve the past while creating an unforgettable future with you.  

We know that planning a wedding can be stressful - but not at The Grand Ol' Barn! Our team will take care of all of your needs so you can focus on what matters most - your big day. From catering to flowers, we do it all! And don't forget about our beautiful grounds and rustic decor which are sure to make your photos look amazing. It's time for you to start planning with ease!   



From simple to elegant to rustic to extravagant the Grand Ol' Barn is made for your exact style!