Once + FLORAL: Grand Ol' Barn's On-Site Florist!

Arrangements Floral Studio 

At the Grand Ol’ Barn, we want to make wedding planning and your wedding day as enjoyable and easy as possible. That's why it’s important to us, as full service venue, to offer in-house catering, on-site professional and certified wedding planners, as your coordinators, to enhance your wedding adventure. On-site rentals, such as: décor, table numbers, arches and other rental pieces, which are included on your wedding day, in addition to upscale furniture, which you can easily upgrade through the venue itself. Additionally, the Grand Ol'  Barn has an on-site florist:  Arrangements Floral Studio!

Arrangements Floral Studio was created by Shauna Altes, the owner of Grand Ol’ Barn. Shauna and her sister, Ashley Lampe have been creating wedding and event florals for over 8 years. Currently, Ashley heads up Arrangements Floral Studio, as the lead florist! 

 This is one of the many reasons why we take florals very seriously at the Grand Ol’ Barn. We understand that wedding florals, just like your wedding music, menu and other wedding day details, are special, personalized to you, your love story and wedding day.



Grand Ol' Barn On-Site Wedding Florist Arrangements Floral Studio

Grand Ol' Barn is a full service events venue! 

Wedding Flowers can take on many meanings and are  more than simply a "pretty" aesthetic, in fact many times wedding flowers:

  • Remind you of your first date, first relationship milestone, +/or other significant events.  
  • Allow you to incorporate special meanings into your wedding day, as all flowers represent a feeling, emotion +/or virtue.
  • Can represent those who are no longer with you, +/or a special time in your life.  
  • Allow you to create an ambiance of celebration.  
  • Are intrinsic in capturing the mood, theme and overall look for your wedding.


Wedding florists are booking 16+ months in advance in 2022! Work with our on-site florist and check one more wedding task off your to do list!

Photo by Allie and Joey Photography.

Your wedding florals should be personalized to you!

Photo by Christina Janel Photography.


Why an In-House 
Florist  is a HUGE Positive!

Wedding rates are on the rise, in fact, weddings are currently costing 10-25% MORE than they did a year ago. Why? Gas prices and inflation for one thing, high demand also creates a rise in wedding rates. 2022 is a record year for weddings in the United States, with a staggering 2.5 million weddings! The United States hasn’t seen this amount of weddings, since 1984. This means, instead of booking wedding pros 10-12 months out, planners are now encouraging couples to book wedding vendors 14-18+ months out.

With our on-site florist, you are less likely to be turned away due to overbooking and the travel costs that are estimated into your florals are significantly lower with our on-site florist!
Allow Arrangements Floral Studio to transform your Grand Ol' Barn wedding spaces to bring your dream wedding look to life!
Whether your ceremony is indoors or outdoors at the  Grand Ol' Barn, our in-house wedding florist will take care of every detail. 



Benefits to Working with Arrangements Floral Studio, Your On-Site Wedding Florist:


  • Less likely to be overbooked! 
  • First priority! 

  • Nothing will get lost or destroyed during transport of your wedding florals.

  • No additional gas/mileage +/or  travel charges. 
  • More flexibility on your wedding day florals: edits, updates, creative elements!
  • Your wedding day florals will never go from cool to hot since they are on-site! 
  • Work with a florist who knows your wedding venue like the back of her hand! 
  • Work with a florist who is already in constant contact with your wedding venue, Grand Ol’ Barn coordinator, etc.! 
  • If anything happens to your wedding bouquet before your ceremony begins, or to a center piece, your on-site floral team can actually address it!
 Arrangements Floral Studio will work with your wedding concept and feel, as well as your wedding budget make your wedding vision a reality.

 Photo by Chris Gillyard Photography! 




How much can I expect to spend?

A: Generally couples spend $1,800 for wedding party florals, wedding bouquet, etc. + up to $4,500 for full wedding florals.


 Do you include vases?

 A: Yes! Additionally, as a Grand Ol' Barn couple, you can use the venue's included  rentals, decor  + more! 


Where do your flowers come from? 

A: We purchase our flowers from sustainable farms all over the world, including: South America, Holland, and California!

 Let Arrangements Floral Studio make your wedding signage pop with floral touches!


PRO Tip from our coordinator, Jamie O’Connell of Jamie O’Connell Events:

You will end up spending MORE per stem at a craft store! Fake flowers are NOT necessarily cheaper.


Regardless of your wedding style, boho, glam, retro, romantic, minimalist, etc., Arrangements Floral Studio can curate the perfect aesthetic.

Photo by Allie and Joey Photography.



Get In Touch with Arrangements Floral Studio!

Remember that we are all operating within the events' industry, which means, more often than not, we do not maintain typical business hours. Typically, all barn staff is off on Monday’s, as this is our “weekend”. Ashley and the Arrangements Floral Studio team, does maintain office hours: Tuesday-Friday. Please keep in mind, they are communicating with brides and grooms in between weddings and events. Please always allow 48 biz hours, for their floral team to reply to you, this does not include Monday’s.


 Wedding bouquets, centerpieces, wedding party florals, wedding arch florals and more! Arrangements Floral Studio can produce all your wedding day décor and traditional floral pieces.

 Grand Ol' Barn's on-site wedding floral team will walk you through every step of your wedding floral production process, all you have to do is be ready to get inspired! 



Want to learn more about Arrangements Floral Studio?

Visit their website, here! Stay tuned, our next Grand Ol’ Barn floral bog post is going to focus on the POWER OF FLOWERS and how Arrangements Floral Studio can transform your Grand Ol’ Barn wedding space with flowers!



Need to discuss your wedding date?!

We are in a wedding boom THIS year and next! 2022 will see over 2.5 MILLION weddings in the USA alone! Don't loose your wedding date! Contact us! 


 Let's get into all the wedding details! Grand Ol' Barn offers: on-site catering, on-site florals, on-site certified wedding planners for month of coordination, on-site rentals and décor and more!

 We live for weddings at the Grand Ol' Barn!

Let's Adventure Together!