Maroo Wedding Financing

Getting Qualified with Maroo Financing For Your Wedding

We offer interest-free financing up to 12 months through Maroo. Event cancellation insurance is included. To get started, click the link below and get qualified with Maroo. This does not impact your credit score. Once you are qualified, Maroo will notify you via email and issue you your invoice. From there, you will be able to review the monthly payments and click to pay. Your event cancellation insurance policy (provided by eWed) will also be issued to you!


Interest free payments allow you to pay over time


Event cancellation insurance included 

Cash For Longer

Keep cash in your account for longer and pay over time

No CC Fees

Don’t put payments on expensive credit cards 

Use Studies 

Creative ways to use your Maroo Financing

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Get Married Sooner, Pay Later 

Many couples book their weddings a year or more in advance but would much prefer a shorter engagement! With Maroo and Grand Ol' Barn have your wedding in 6 months or less and spread out your payment 14 months or more!  We have everything you need under one roof.

Extend Your Families Contribution to the Budget by Contributing Yourself With Maroo Financing 

Typically parents will help with some of the financing when it comes to your wedding.  Extend your budget beyond your family’s  contributions and splurge on items that are important to you by extending your budget contribution with Maroo and contribute in your own way! 

Make your $2,000 Save The Date With us and in Two Months Utilize Maroo Payments to Extend Your Financing out Even Further With Less up Front

If you didn't fill out your application with Maroo before your tour, no worries!  Book with your $2,000 save the date and then use Maroo payments for your second installment. 

Splurge on the Items You Always Wanted 

You don't have to use the full amount of Maroo financing you qualify for.  Use just a little bit to splurge on a few items that you know would make your wedding perfect. Extend your budget and use Maroo to indulge on a few special items that you always wanted!  Upgraded florals, next - level dinner items, the planner you know you need for your big day! The sky is the limit.


Does using Maroo affect my credit score?

Maroo does a soft credit check when you sign up. This does NOT impact your credit score. Making monthly payments can actually have a positive effect on your credit score since paying on time over a period of several months can help you improve your FICO score. That said, just like if you were to stop paying back a credit card, if you were to stop making your monthly payments, you could be reported to credit bureaus.

If we use Maroo, will we end up paying interest at some point?

Nope. All of Maroo payment plans are 0% APR. That never changes.  There is a small finance fee. 

How does the event cancellation insurance work?

We partnered with Wed insurance to offer you event cancellation insurance. It is a policy that covers your Book Now, Pay Later invoice. Once you agree to your terms and click to pay for your first month, you will receive your policy. The policy covers things like extreme weather, accidents, military deployment and job loss. It does not cover things like change of heart and you can read the policy on their website at

Is there a finance charge?

Yes, we do have a nominal finance charge of 10% of the total that you use from Maroo money and it is rolled into the cost but is still far below the 23% that CC’s charge and we add in a ton more value (The NEW all inclusive packages do not have a finance fee attached)

Can I add a parent or co signer to increase the finance amount?

Yes, you are welcome to add a co signer to increase finance amount.  Parents can even apply themselves to help lighten the load! 

Can I pay it off sooner?

Yes, you can absolutely pay off your Maroo financing sooner. 

How do Maroo monthly payment timelines work?

You'll choose to split up your invoice over 3- 6- or 12-months. Once you decide, Maroo will divide up your invoice into equal monthly payments. For example, if you have a $6,000 invoice and you are paying it off over 12 months, every month you will owe $500 per month. 

Will the finance charge be removed if I pay sooner?

No, the finance charge will stay the same no matter when you pay it off. 

Can I pay for Catering, Planning & Floral with Maroo financing?

Absolutely! Just let us know how much of the invoice you would like to pay with Maroo and we will take care of it for you.  For example, say at your 30 day design meeting you would like to add on our planner for $1,000 - you can use your Maroo financing option to pay for that for the next 12 months, even after you wedding!

If I pay off my Maroo balance early can I then draw again a second time before my wedding?

Yes!  Say you used Maroo financing to pay for the venue but you were gifted a lump sum so you paid of Maroo before your wedding.  Then at your 6 month check in you decide you want to add more options to your Catering.  You can use Maroo to finance that out further and draw again against your approved amount. 

The Process


Use the link to create a Maroo account and go through a quick application process  (does not impact credit score)


Maroo will do the assessment and circle back with you the same day to let you know about your approval status.


Let Grand Ol' Barn know that you want to pay for all or some of your package with Maroo Book Now, Pay Later!

The Grand Ol' Barn is always looking for ways to make wedding planning easier, funner and more accessible for all!  We hope you enjoy our partnership with Maroo as an additional tool in your wedding planning arsenal! 

Ready to Get Qualified?