Everyone Remembers The Food! Let's Dig In with Chef Lee.

The one thing everyone looks forward to at any wedding: the food! At the Grand Ol' Barn we take wedding fare seriously! Why?! Food is personal, it helps tell your story!



Your wedding day menu shapes your event: finger foods, sliders and taco bars for a tailgate themed wedding on the barn's twinkle light sprawling green lawn. Honey crusted ham and a cookie bar for a Christmas themed wedding. Mimosas, waffles, fresh fruit and bacon bites for a brunch affair. We could go on and on!


Your wedding menu assists in creating your wedding day ambiance and theme. Appetizers and meals assist in producing the feelings you want to draw for yourselves and your guests. Maybe you are serving a favorite appetizer you had on your first date, creating a signature cocktail that's named after your fur baby, a dessert bar with all your favorite childhood candy, or simply your favorite family meal to tie in your roots. Whatever you have dreamed up, our on site catering team steered by Chef Lee can make it happen! 


Our on site catering is the 1 required vendor at the Grand Ol' Barn and for GREAT reason, Chef Lee and our catering team are TOP OF THE LINE!  We recently interviewed Chef Lee to ask some of the wedding catering questions we typically receive. Before you sit down to create your menu here at the Grand Ol' Barn with Chef Lee let us serve you some catering info! 



Grand Ol' Barn Catering Questions with Chef Lee

1.) What’s your top catering request? The most requested buffet or wedding dinner meal or appetizer?

Most requested Appetizers are: The Fresh Fruit and Cheese Display and The Bruschetta Roma Station. 

Most requested entrees are 2 of our signature items, which I developed specifically for the Grand Ol' Barn: Maple-Whiskey Steak Tips and Grilled Garlic- Herb Chicken Breast.


2.) Other than cutting back on guest count, what’s a great tip for saving when it comes to catering?

Being accurate with RSVPs and final guest counts is vital for saving on food costs. Getting final guest counts to the Grand Ol' Barn catering team before the 2 week deadline. Final counts are due 4 weeks out at your Design Meeting and the final deadline for guest counts is 14 days before your wedding day.

Additionally, my team and I always try to work with couples' budgets. 


3.) Tell us about your service fees, taxes and tipping cost(s). How much should couples be factoring for these fees/rates?

Sales tax is 6.5% and the Service Fee is 20%, which are both industry standards or less than the industry average.


4.) Do you have chargers and linens or are these things I should request through a 3rd party vendor/ rental company?

We have Gold and Silver Chargers for an additional $1 per seat/person. We include a white, linen-like disposable napkin, which feels and folds like cloth. If couples want a linen napkin they can rent them from a 3rd party vendor.
We do provide champagne flutes, services include: pouring and serving for toasts at NO additional expense.

Unlike many other venues, Cake Cutting and Serving is COMPLIMENTARY!



5.) Do you specialize in certain cuisines?

Yes! Italian, Mexican, BBQ, some Asian and traditonal European cuisines are just a few of my specialties. Also, we specialize in American and Grilled cuisines to compliment and tie in the wedding themes at the Grand Ol' Barn! 


6.) Are children's meals discounted, how about vendor meals?

Wedding vendor meals (for those couples who are feeding their vendors) are half -off.  Children 5 and under are free, children 6-10 are half-off.



7.) How many people can I bring to my tasting? Is there a charge for my scheduled wedding tasting? 

6-8 weeks after you've booked your wedding at the Grand Ol' Barn, we schedule your catering tasting. There is NO charge for tastings. Couples can bring as many as 7 or 8 guests to their tastings (9-10 people total). The most we have accommodated is 7. A tip is appropriate and appreciated at tastings for the catering staff.


8.) If there’s extra food after our wedding, can it be packed up to be given to the couple, etc.?

We can provide a separate wedding couple' basket to go for newlyweds to take with them after their wedding. There is no additional fee for this service and is a great alternative to left overs, since we are not allowed to package and send leftovers that have been out on the buffets. This is a state regulation based on our licensing.

10.) How many weddings/events did you serve total in 2021?

My team and I catered and served 107 events in 2021! 


 Learn more about Chef Lee and our INCREDIBLE on site catering at the Grand Ol' Barn by visiting:  grandolbarncatering.com