Grand Ol' Barn's Top 7 Wedding Floral Designs

At the Grand Ol’ Barn we are spoiled when it comes to flowers, thanks to our in-house florist: Arrangements Floral Studio. With an on-site florist, we get up close and personal with wedding flowers on a regular basis. Within this blog, we've featured some of our favorite wedding flower pieces.



Pocket Square Boutonnieres:

This is a modern, refresh take on original boutonnieres, but they don't have to be just for the groom and groomsmen. Pocket square boutonnieres are great for any special family members who have suit pockets! We hope to see MORE of these pocket square florals used in creative ways.


Pocket Boutonnieres by Shauna Altes




Bud Vases

A bud vase package is always a great idea! 90% of our brides order our bud vase package with their flower contract. We offer a package of 40 assorted bud vases for $250.

You can place bud vases anywhere that needs a little love and sunshine. These little buds can easily go from cocktail hour to the reception, or from the ceremony area to the ballroom. Use them  to decorate cocktail tables, your cake table, or on your bar top. They are truly beautiful. 



Photography by Allie and Joey! 


Ceremony Aisle Florals

There are so many options for your ceremony aisle flowers: lanterns with florals, flowers in tall or short vases, chair florals and the list goes on. Regardless of the style, ceremony aisle florals are incredibly romantic. After the ceremony, use these flowers to enhance your sweetheart’s table or to enhance and accompany your centerpieces!



Wedding Ceremony Florals! Wedding Arch Florals!

 Photography by Allie and Joey. Grand Ol' Barn Ceremony Aisle Florals

 Photography by Shelbi Ann Imagery!  

Arch Florals

Dressing up your ceremony arch, and/or the arch behind your sweetheart’s table, adds dimension, color, texture and depth to your event spaces. Arch florals bring your event spaces to life, which makes for breathtaking wedding photos. 


Arrangements Floral Studio, Grand Ol' Barn's On-Site Florist setting up a Floral Arch.


Wedding Arches and Florals, one of our favorite combos! Add depth, texture, scents and all the celebratory feels with arch florals!

Your options for your ceremony arch florals are endless! 

Ceremony Arch Florals by Arrangements Floral Studio for Grand Ol' Barn

Grand Ol' Barn's in-house florist can make your ceremony arch BLOOM! 


Signage Florals

Grand Ol' Barn couples gain access to our collection of event rentals and décor items, which you can always dress up with florals and/or greenery embellishments. Whether you’re draping your wedding signage with eucalyptus, baby’s breath, ivy or roses, these floral touches personalize and highlight these pieces.

 Allow Grand Ol' Barn's On-Site Florist to Dress Up Your Wedding Signage!

Photography by Allie and Joey Photography.


Wedding signage embellished with wedding florals at the Grand Ol' Barn

 Wedding signage florals make your wedding signs pop! 


Cake Florals

For years, fondant florals ruled the wedding cake scene, yet in the last 5-8 years, we’ve seen a huge shift towards natural elements when it comes to decorating wedding cakes. Our on-site florist, can add that extra touch with beautiful flowers on, around or under your cake! In fact, the new trend is to use wedding flowers to decorate the cake table itself and/or acrylic cake stand(s). Flowers bring that romantic feel to your wedding cake. 

 Natural Flowers on Wedding Cakes, Make for Elegant and Lively Displays!

Wedding cake florals by Arrangements Floral Studio.



Ballroom Floral or Greenery Chandelier

Want a "WOW" moment?! Floral and/or greenery chandeliers will make your guests look up and in turn, opens up your ballroom! Many times everyone spends time decorating tables and the floor space around breakout areas, not realizing, there’s tons of space ABOVE. These floral ceiling installations do not have to be astronomical. In fact, many couples are using spray painted baby’s breath to create ceiling floral pieces and they are jaw dropping. Large baby's breath ceiling installations look like pastel clouds. Greenery has the same WOW effect, while keeping costs within budget.


 Grand Ol' Barn's On Site Florists Greenery Chandelier

Greenery chandeliers will introduce your guests' jaws to the floor! 

Grand Ol' Barn's On Site Florist Arrangements Floral Studio Greenery Chandelier

Floral chandeliers open up the Grand Ol' Barn's massive  ballroom even more

Grand Ol' Barn's On Site Florist Arrangements Floral Studio Greenery Chandeliers

Floral chandeliers by Arrangements Floral Studio.


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